Love Seafood?

Love your seafood?

Do you love your seafood as much as we do? Get to know it better so you buy what's best for you and what tastes best.

Local Sustainable Seafood

TrawlerAt Woy Woy Fishermen's Wharf we're committed to bringing the best sustainably caught & farmed products to our customers. Luckily for us we live in a country that takes fishing and protection of fished species very seriously. Almost all commercial fisheries and aqua culture farms are monitored heavily by State fisheries departments. Populations of fished species are documented every year. Any species shown to be moving into over fished territory can be limited for periods of time allowing populations to recover. This means less species every year having to be classified as protected and more fish on your plate in the future. By buying Australian caught & farmed species you're not only supporting local industry but you're protecting the marine environment. Also if you buy Australian product you'll help reduce the number of imports of non sustainable seafood from other nations. Buy Local!

Fish, Fish, Fish!

Seafood 1We love fish. From snapper to mullet to flathead, they come in all different shapes & sizes and they all taste different. 

Is Fish Good For Me?
Fish is great for you, it's lean and the best source of Omega 3 that you can get. That's great for the ticker. Replace most of your meat meals per week with fish and your body will thank you for it.

What Fish Is Best For Me?
Any fish that has a high oil content to it's flesh is best for you. Locally caught oily fish include mullet, blackfish, trevally, mackeral, sardines, pilchards, anchovies, whitebait, yellowtail & morwong. Unless you eat fish regularly some of these may be too strong in flavour for some people. If after something more mild that is still great for you there is Atlantic salmon, ocean trout, yellow fin tuna and bonito. 

What Fish Can I Eat If I'm Pregnant?
If you're pregnant it is recommended that you stay away from consuming larger fish more than once a week. These fish generally have a higher mercury content to them than smaller fish. These include shark, tuna, marlin & swordfish. It's also best to stay away from raw fish dishes including sashimi, carpaccio & ceviche.


Lobster They're crunchy outside but delicious inside. There's few things more satisfying than eating prawns, crab or lobster on the water with a cold beer and getting your hands dirty peeling the shells off these critters. 

Are Crustaceans good for me? Crustaceans like fish are very good for you as long as not battered, fried or crumbed. They are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.

Prawns - Prawns are the most popular crustaceans in Australia. All prawns taste different and contrary to popular belief the biggest prawns are rarely the best. Some of the tastiest prawns are small schoolies, banana and tiger prawns. Another myth is that farmed prawns are not as good as wild caught. Farmed prawns are usually just as good if not better than wild prawns and are environmentally sustainable. To determine what prawns are best for your ask one of our staff to taste one when you come in. 

Lobsters - Lobsters are the legendary fine dining crustacean. Australian lobsters usually don't have claws like their American counterparts and are called rock lobsters. At Fishermen's Wharf we prefer Eastern rock lobsters as their flesh is very soft with a sweet flavour. All lobsters must be tagged by fishermen with a fisheries tag and if you're eating one without it's illegally caught. 

Crabs - At Fishermen's Wharf crab is a favourite for all our staff. It's flesh has a stronger flavour than lobster. Only adventurous & patient eaters are to try these as they require a lot of work to get the flesh out of the shell. Our favourite crabs are blue swimmers, mud crabs & spanner crabs. All delicious.

Bugs - Bugs are fun. They look hilarious, like they just climbed our of a primordial lake. But don't be put off by their odd appearance. You'll love their firm sweet flesh. Look for Balmain & Moreton Bay bugs.

Scampi - The sensational crustacean. We're still yet to meet someone who doesn't love scampi. They look like a mini lobster crossed with a prawn. Just BBQ them with butter & shallots and you're in seafood heaven.

Oysters, Mussels & Clams

OystersOysters, mussels & clams are all molluscs. Like crustaceans they've got a hard shell with delicious insides.

Oysters - You either love oysters or you don't. There's no middle ground. For those that love them they're irresistible. They're rich in iron, zinc, B12 and vitamin D. They are an excellent source of protein. Not great for people on a low cholesterol diet.
Our favourites are Sydney rock oysters from Brisbane Water which are generally small - medium and have a strong briny flavour and Patonga Pacific oysters which have a subtle sea flavour with a creamy texture.

Mussels - Having a pot of mussels on a cool, wet day is one of lifes great food moments. Most mussels in Australia are either blue lip or green lip. We always recommend blue lip mussels for their stronger flavour and soft delicate flesh. Like oysters they're rich in iron, zinc, B12 and vitamin D and are an excellent source of protein. 
When cooking make sure to remove the beard from them and wash away any grit on the shell. Throw away any that have opened completely as they are dead. If some are open a cm or so they are still alive, they're just breathing. Save some of the salty water they're kept in for added flavour to pasta dishes. When cooked mussels will open their shell. Don't throw away unopened mussels as they're still good to eat. Just pry them open.

Clams - Clams come in all different shapes and sizes. The most common clams we get in are beach, surf clams & vongele. The smaller to medium sized clams are generally the best for eating and compliment any seafood pasta, stew or stock. They have a strong salty flavour and generally have a tough texture to their flesh. Like oysters they're rich in iron, zinc, B12 and vitamin D and are an excellent source of protein. Like mussels they open their shell once cooked but take about twice as long so factor that into your cooking time.